opening hours-13-sep-15

Food & Dining


Since 1965 when our founder Peter Boizot visited Italy for the first time and watched pizzaiolos tossing dough high in the air, we have strived to do justice to his vision and passion for pizza in our restaurants.  At PizzaExpress you’ll watch our pizzaiolos making your pizza to order, stretching and tossing the dough before hand-dressing every pizza individually with fresh and tasty ingredients. The pizzaiolos are our heroes. To them, each pizza is a carefully crafted masterpiece. We hope you’ll come and visit us at your new PizzaExpress Whiteleys and experience our beautiful pizza, always served in style, for yourself.


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Opening Times

Monday-Thursday 11.30am-10pm
Friday & Saturday 11.30am-10.30pm
Sunday 11.30am-10pm