opening hours-13-sep-15


As from Friday 20th April 2018, we have upgraded our car parking system and gone ticketless! When you approach the entrance of the car park, the barrier will raise and your vehicle registration number will be stored on the system. When you are ready to leave, go to the pay machine sited within the centre on the 2nd floor, near Odeon Cinema. On the touch screen, enter your registration number and you will be informed of the cost of your stay. Make the required payment, please note we only accept Credit and Debits cards only. Drive over to the exit barrier and once your payment has been verified, the barrier will raise.

Located outside of the congestion charge zone, Whiteleys car park offers 175 roof top spaces. Officially recognised as a secure place to park your car, Whiteleys car park has been awarded the Secure Car Parks Awards by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the British Parking Association (BPA). We do have designated blue badge holder parking – which is charged at general rates;.


Up to 1 hour £2.80
Up to 2 hours £5.60
2 to 3 hours £8.40
3 to 4 hours £11.20
4 to 5 hours £14.00
5 to 8 hours £24.00
8 to 12 hours £36.00
Over 12 hours £50.00

Whilst we are unable to accept bookings in advance for longer stay, vehicles that remain for longer than a day are charged a daily rate of £50.00.  Please contact the Centre should you wish to leave your vehicle overnight.

Lost tickets are charged at £50.00